Friday, December 15, 2006

Creepy fast food mascots

Fanpop has posted a list of the top ten creepiest fast food mascots of all time.

Burger King's admittedly creepy king tops the list, but I don't think he's quite as creepy as Quizno's rat/hamster and Domino's 'Noid' which are way down at positions 9 and 10.

What was Quinzno's thinking when they decided to feature a rat-like creature in their television ads? Obviously someone with an ounce of common sense knocked some sense into them pretty quickly since the campaign was fairly short-lived, but how could it ever have happened in the first place?!?! Well, this is the same company that doesn't see anything wrong with being the only fast food chain to not supply nutrition information for all of their food.

Here's a Quizno's ad feature the 'rat':


Anonymous said...

The Quiznos ads aired forever around here, several times during the 5 PM - 7 PM slots when "Simpsons" and "Raymond" reruns were on. I gather they were some creations from rathergood dot com, IIRC, but they were so annoying and disgusting that I stopped going to Quiznos.

Anonymous said...

that is rediculous. quiznos is disguisting anyways, let alone the dang rat! i hate it how creepy mascots persuade people to buy their food more often- it just makes me stay away because i HATE creepy mascots. reguardless of the fact that i dont enjoy fast food, mascots just make it even worse when i just have to sit there with my family and watch them eat while i think about that stupid mascot. i mean come on, get a life! =]

Anonymous said...

hey there. my name is amanda and i hate fast food with the exception of wendys. even though they have a scary mascot of a girl with long red braids and jinormous freckles, their food is fantastic. other fast food restaurants SUCK! there food is freakin GROSSSSS. =/ it makes me queezy and barfy everytime i eat it. so fuck them =]

Anonymous said...

Those aren't rats, they're spongmonkeys :)

Here's the original song they did yhat the Quizno's ad was based on:

Anonymous said...

Hands down, the Burger King mascot is the worst. The spongemonkeys were a one-off deal, but BK keeps using that dang king. Creepy fake human with a perma-grin does not equal good dining.

Anonymous said...

Hey I have another great article about fast food mascots as well, located here:

And also, my vote goes to Dave Thomas. I would much rather wake up next to him than the king. It also probably doesn't help that he's dead.