Wednesday, February 07, 2007

CA bill seeks nutrition posting

Looks like California might be the first state to require the posting of nutritional data in fast food (and other chain) restaurants. A bill as been introduced in the California Senate by Sen. Carole Migden.

from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Migden, D-San Francisco, introduced legislation Tuesday that would require chain restaurants to post calorie counts for their food in plain view -- that is, on menus and menu boards. The legislation defines chains as restaurants that have five outlets in California, or have one in the state but at least 10 nationwide.

Citing the nation's high obesity rate -- 30 percent of adults over age 20 are obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics -- Migden argued that consumers should be allowed to make informed choices.
This won't be much trouble for the big chains (except Quizno's, since they won't tell anyone what's in their sandwiches), but it might be hard for the smaller chains that will have to spend the money on laboratory fees (to calculate the data) and signs. It might be more reasonable to limit the requirement to chains with 20+ locations. Just as important might be to require disclosure of those items that have trans fat or high fructose corn syrup.


Anonymous said...

hate nurtoin law

Anonymous said...

This seems like a good measure, but some serious tweaking in specifics (such as the number of locations operated) is neccessary for this proposed measure to act at its fullest potential.

Anonymous said...

Still won't help! If you're too lazy to find out for yourself what you're putting in your face (almost any decent-sized company has the info either in hand-out brochure form or online) then you STILL won't care even if the info is sitting right there on the menu. I mean, come on, seriously, do people REALLY have to have it made that plain that a Big Mac isn't good for you ?????

Anonymous said...

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