Sunday, April 08, 2007

KFC's American Idol stunt

It was only a couple months ago that KFC pulled a publicity stunt by announcing they had asked the Pope to bless their new fish sandwich.

Now they're trying to create buzz again by offering American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar a free lifetime supply of (pretty disgusting) KFC Famous Bowls if he dons a bowl hairdo.

KFC President Gregg Dedrick wrote to Sanjaya: “If you don a bowl hairdo during one of your next nationally televised performances, KFC will grant you a free lifetime supply of KFC Famous Bowls. We’re sure America will be as ‘bowled-over’ by your take on this classic look as they are by our KFC Famous Bowls.”

Good grief!

from TV Envy


Anonymous said...

And he will die two weeks later from heart disease.

Vote Sanjaya!!!

Jared Wash said...

Well, this was easy to see the truth in. I wish they would stop lying and just try to fix the problem.

Unknown said...

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LordJezo said...


He should have taken the offer, now its too late and he left with nothing.

Anonymous said...

and you're gonna update this site exactly WHEN? please take sanjaya off the front page and please start covering fast food "new"s again -- or just go away.

Anonymous said...

ummm those kfc bowls are pretty good.