Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fast Food Secret Millionaire on Fox

Todd Graves and his wife Gwen were on Fox's show "Secret Millionaire" last night. Todd (pictured below) is the CEO and Founder of Louisiana fast food fave, Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers.

Raising Cane's is definitely an up and coming fast food franchise. I first wrote about Raising Cane's back in 2006. At the time I recall being impressed with their commitment to food quality and safety.

The show on Fox last night tugged on the heart strings... a necessity for good ratings for that type of show! But the cynic in me had to admit that Mr. Graves didn't flood the show with references to his restaurant chain. If he had, the $100,000 he gave to 3 groups trying to come back from Hurricane Katrina would have been worth it just for the exposure.

It was still great marketing, though, and today Raising Cane's has changed their website dramatically to cover the Graves' appearance on Secret Millionaire. I checked the site last night and there was no mention of the show or the Graves' genorosity, but today the title of the site is "Todd Graves | Raising Cane's | Secret Millionaire" to assist fans of the show in finding the site with Google.

Marketing aside, Graves did do some great good for 3 worthy groups. I especially liked Coach Cyril Crutchfield at South Plaquemines High School. Coach Crutchfield gathered the players from 3 rival high schools to form a high school football team after Katrina and 2 years later they won the state championship. Graves gave him $100,000 for his football program. You can read more about Todd and Gwen Graves' appearance on Secret Millionaire on the Raising Cane's website.

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