Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boston Market's Military Discount Partnership

Instead of offering a discount to active-duty military personnel who present their military ID card, Boston Market is offering a discount only to members of "Veterans Advantage," a 'membership card' program that costs $59.95 per year.  (Even the 30-day trial membership carries a $4.95 "processing fee.")

from Boston Market's press release:
To thank and honor those who served our country and their families Boston Market announces a partnership with Veterans Advantage. Through this partnership, members of Veterans Advantage will receive a 20 percent discount at any Boston Market restaurant nationwide when they show their membership card.

“Boston Market is proud to give back to those who bravely serve our country,” said Rick Arras, President and CEO of Boston Market and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. “Veterans Advantage serves thousands of families each year, and we’re excited to offer discounts on our wholesome meals as a member benefit.”
Well sure, it is a great deal if you find yourself eating more than 43 meals a year at Boston Market. That's how many $7 meals you'd have to eat at Boston Market for your 20% savings ($1.40 per $7 meal) to add up to the $60 for an annual membership in "Veterans Advantage." ($7 for a meal at Boston Market is an arbitrary number I picked for the math.)

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Brade said...

Wow, that's about as insulting as it gets. Boston Market, you fail at life.