Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taco Del Mar's Cinco De Mayo 5-lbs Burrito Challenge

For Cinco de Mayo, Taco Del Mar is rolling up 5 pound burritos on, the biggest in the restaurant chain's history, for their "Cinco de Mondo Five-pounder Burrito-eating Challenge.

On May 5, anyone that can successfully take down the Taco Del Mar’s Cinco de Mondo Five-pounder Burrito within 30 minutes or less gets a $20 Taco Del Mar gift certificate, a variety of Taco Del Mar SWAG and some serious bragging rights! The Five-pounder Burrito, equivalent to four-and-a-half of its Mondo Burritos, is four flour tortillas packed with rice, refried beans, chicken or ground beef, cheese, pico de gallo and a choice of sauces and jalapenos. It’s priced at $17.95.

Anyone up for the challenge should visit a Taco Del Mar on May 5 during regular store hours and ask for the Five-pounder!

Here's a video of a 5-pounder being made:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

$20? that would leave you with $2.05 after the $17.95 price. Unless thats without tax...then you'll get less than a dollar.

Since your not getting any money, would like to know what the SWAG is before I would consider it. Over eating isnt what I consider worth bragging about. If I am going to gorge myself, would prefer a little more of a incentive.