Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is This Subways Triangular Cheese Trick?

I can't confirm the source or the veracity of the photo below, but I willing to bet it is real.  Haven't we all wondered about those triangular cheese slices at Subway?

The sign reads:  "Cheese triangles need to be placed (image)... this will promote the need for customers to desire extra cheese, as it doesn't cover whole sandwich.  Then it shows how to place 'double cheese' and has the price for double cheese.

It really isn't a bad plan.  I've often thought that my Subway sandwich would be better with better cheese coverage, but I'm not one to pay extra for double cheese.  And it can't be called a scam; it isn't like Subway has suddenly reduced the amount of cheese they put on a sandwich.


By the way, we're certainly not the first to ponder the logic of the triangular cheese slices at subway... here's a cartoon about it at left-handed toons.  Funny stuff!

Previously we've also written about a "No free refills" sign at a Subway in New Jersey.


Kelli said...

Hmmm, interesting!
As a former sandwich artist, (first job ever when I started college, 10+ years ago) I never, ever heard of anything like this. But I can tell you that the cheese comes in a square that is cut in half diagonally. So, I think it goes back to an easily shipped shape, or it could be the visually appealing aspect (ala Wendy's square patty)
And originally (when it was the 'patented U-guaug" shape instead of the new 'saw and fold open' method) the cheese hung off the sandwich slightly front and back, giving the appearance of a lot of cheese.
Ok, I have officially thought about this too much!

Sila Lumenn said...

My family loves Subway, but I think they're not only stingy with the cheese, but also the meat. I've been buying the Veggie Delight and haven't noticed ANY difference in taste. Why pay an extra $2 for four microscopically thin slices of meat you can't taste anyway? I do get cheese (pepper jack) because you pay for it, whether you eat it or not.

Subway, put some MEAT on your sandwiches!

Healthy Fast Food said...

That's how fast food restaurants are successful. They have procedures in place so everyone operates the same way, and they up-charge for everything they can. It may upset the customer a bit, but in the end - they get extra cheese;)

Powered By Produce said...

Ditto about not tasting the meat on Subway's sandwiches! I don't eat meat anymore and when I made the switch from the turkey sub to the veggie delight, I absolutely couldn't tell the difference. Same with chipotle actually - a burrito without meat tastes the same to me, plus you get free guac on a veggie burrito!

Unknown said...

i agree with nkelli and ive thought about it too much too... 7 years of it through highschool and uni! :P

Faerunner said...

If I'm correct, that sign says 40p, as in pence, as in it's British. I've never seen a sign like that in the American subways I've been in, although I will say that they do layer the cheese in the usual triangle pattern so it might be company policy everywhere...