Thursday, May 07, 2009

The 'Hamburger Taco' from Rubios

Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grille (a Western US chain) has introduced their "All-American Taco."  Really, though, it is a 'hamburger taco.'

I'm surprised this hasn't shown up somewhere before.  It is the perfect blending of American and Mexican cuisine... and so simple.  A hamburger patty in a taco.

Rubio's describes their creation thusly, "a juicy, perfectly seasoned, char-grilled beef patty topped with melted American cheese, then complemented with salsa fresca, smoky garlic-chipotle mayo and lettuce.  Served in a warm, soft flour tortilla with a jalapeno alongside."

But just look at it...

It is a hamburger in a taco.  Rubio's calls it the "burger with a Beach Mex twist." I call it genius!

I wish I was nearby, I'd love to try one.  If you have, let us know about it.  This could be a fast food breakthrough.

The $2.99 All-American Taco will be added to Rubio's menu for a limited time beginning today.
"I've always wanted to blend the cultural tastes of Mexico with those of the U.S.A., and I think this new All-American Taco is better than either on its own," says Ralph Rubio, co-founder and chairman, Rubio's.

"We looked beyond the expected to introduce something totally unique, and with one bite the All-American Taco brings fond memories of the local beach drive-in and a trip to Cabo all at once."


Anonymous said...

I work at Rubios. When I saw this being added to the menu, I was taken aback. Tacos are good. Burgers are good. But taco-burgers just seems so....wrong.

Reluctantly I tried one at the behest of my manager, and...It's not that bad! Pretty good actually. I'd still rather eat a Fish Taco from Rubios or a hamburger from InNOut, but I can see the appeal this would have for other people

Anonymous said...

They have something like this at a chain called Showmars. It's actually a hamburger pita more so than a taco but it looks just like this. Result: it's GROSS!