Friday, July 23, 2010

Free Smoothie Samples at McDonald's *Cancelled*

McDonald's will be promoting their new Real Fruit Smoothies with free samples today and tomorrow (Friday & Saturday July 23-24).

Free samples of Wild Berry or Strawberry Banana Real Fruit Smoothies will be available at McDonald's 14,000+ locations in the US.

“The addition of McCafe Real Fruit Smoothies to the McCafe beverage line reinforces McDonald’s as a convenient destination for a variety of quality, great-tasting beverages at a value only McDonald’s can offer,” said Ashlee Yingling, supervisor of U.S. media relations for McDonald’s.

Prices for the smoothies vary by market and start at a suggested $2.29 for a 12-ounce serving.

We thought we were giving you a 'cool' heads up about the free smoothies, but it has been brought to our attention that McDonald's felt that sales of their new smoothies were just fine, so the promotion was cancelled:

“The McCafe Real Fruit Smoothies are an absolute hit with our customers, and we’re experiencing unprecedented demand for this delicious new choice on our menu,” said Neil Golden, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s USA. “Due to the overwhelming popularity and to ensure continued supply to meet our customers’ needs, we will not be executing the national in-restaurant sampling event … as previously communicated. However, all other national promotional activities, including coupons, will be accepted at participating restaurants.”

We're sorry about the error. (But we also think McDonald's can afford to honor their promotions once they've been announced!)

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