Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Our McRib Photo Featured on Fox News

If you happened to catch Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld on Fox News last night, you'd have seen our photo of a 'naked' McDonald's McRib from our "Deconstructing McRib" feature from a few years back.

The hosts and panelists of the show discuss the varied ingredients of the McRib and whether or not that makes them not want to eat it.  When they flash Fast Food News' photo of the McRib up again, one of the panelists, Bill Schulz asks if anyone notices that it looks like a McDonald's Apple Pie.

The segment of the show on the McRib is below and, once again, here's that great 'naked' McRib photo:

But, really, that's not as gross as what's on the inside when you slice it open:

The rest of the photos from our McRib 'expose' are here.  And here's the video from last night:

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Amanda Campbell said...

Oh my goodness... ahaha the McRib looks absolutely disgusting. I don't understand why they believe it is going to have great profits when it looks like it is filled with Spam. My mother and I probably had an hour discussion just totally destroying the McRib... people are crazy these days