Monday, March 06, 2006

Schlosser's fast food book for kids

Eric Schlosser, author of the bestselling exposé Fast Food Nation, has co-authored at children's book called Chew On This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food. It will hit the shelves in May 10, 2006.

The 270 page book written for kids aged 9-12 covers some of the same topics as its older brother Fast Food Nation, but is targeted at McDonald's favorite age group. Real eye-openers are given in advance info on the book like the fact that McDonald's is the biggest toy company in the world and that one out of every three toys given to a child in the US is from a fast food restaurant.

Advance press for the book also states that 1 in 5 schools serve brand name fast food. Evidently this book sets out to inform the young readers as to what it is they're eating when they eat fast food and what the fast food companies do to make them like it so much.

Of course this all sounds exactly like what we read in Fast Food Nation, but maybe it is good for kids to read this stuff, too. It could prompt kids to question what they're told... both by the fast food industry and in Schlosser's book.

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