Friday, November 09, 2007

Quizno's nutritional information... finally!

At long last, Quizno’s has revealed the nutritional information for their toasted subs, salads, soups and bread bowls.

We wrote about Quizno’s lack of nutritional data back in March of 2006. Until this week they were the largest fast food restaurant chain that did not publish their nutrition data.

Quizno’s doesn’t make it easy or convenient to find the nutritional information on their website. (see Note below for instructions on finding it on their site.)

To make it a bit simplier we’ve posted Quizno’s nutritional information all in one chart.

Some noteworthy discoveries in Quizno’s nutrition data:

  • Quizno's Tuna Melt has the highest calorie and fat totals of any of their sandwichs! The large Tuna Melt has over 2,000 calories and 175 grams of fat!! (The regular size has 1,420 calories and 118 grams of fat, the small 770 calories and 60 grams of fat!)

  • 2 of the 5 salads Quizno's serves have 1,000 calories. The Roasted Chicken with Honey Mustard Flatbread Salad has 1120 calories and 76 grams of fat!

  • Quizno's large Prime Rib Cheesesteak Sub has 1,770 calories and 116 grams of fat (that's 1030 calories from fat). It also has 2.5 grams trans fat.

  • Quizno's Turkey Bacon Guacamole Sub with reduced fat Buttermilk Ranch dressing has a whopping 4530 mg of sodium! The US FDA recommends less than 2,400 mg of Sodium per day for adults. Quizno's has 31 items with over 2,400 mg of Sodium.

  • Quizno's also has 34 items with over 50 grams of fat.

  • Oh, and about the 'healthy' stuff... Quizno's large Veggie sub has 1,220 calories and 75 grams of fat!

If you suspected that Quizno’s didn’t publish this data sooner because the calorie, fat and sodium counts were high, you were right.

Note: Most fast food restaurant chains have a full nutritional data chart available; Quizno's only offers the data 1 sandwich at a time... it makes for lots of clicking. And the sauce and cheese data is only added to the totals after you do some more clicking.

To find the data on Quizno’s website, go to Quizno’s menu page and then click on a food category (like Subs), then find “Show Nutrition Information” at the bottom. This will cause a link to “Nutritional Information” to appear under each food item. Click one of these links will open the nutritional information in a new window. Then you’ll have to check the boxes next to things like dressing and cheese to get the grand total for the item.

I don't know exactly how long the Quizno's data has been available. I discovered it after a tip from a Fast Food News reader. You can bet Quizno's won't be promoting it. US Food Policy has also written about the new Quizno's data, too.


Anonymous said...

'Bout time! Though I can see why they didn't want people to know :S

Anonymous said...

Yea but anything that taste that good is always filled with calories and fat. Take a look at culvers 1000+ cal meals or their double bacon cheeseburger.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and pulling the information together in a useful form.

Anonymous said...

Today at Quiznos I noticed a sign saying something along the lines of "many of our subs have less than 500 calories", implying they're trying to go the Subway route of saying "these subs have 6 grams of fat or less", etc. The interesting thing was there were no details on which specific subs were indeed <500 calories. I read your blog last year and was angry they had not released nutritional info, and its great to see they have now done so. Thanks for the directions on how to find it on their website and your own easy to read chart

Amazing that the honey mustard flatbread salad is 1120 calories! I used to eat that daily thinking I was being healthy.. I always went light on the dressing and no bacon.. I dont know if that helped.. it would be nice to be able to customize the calories based on ingredients.. 76 fat grams is >100% daily value

oh, now I see on their website they actually do break out the dressing and flatbread (and now I see you mentioned that).. the dressing adds an insane amount of calories and fat.. they also have nutritional info for the new "sammies" now which you dont have yet, FYI

your entry is a bit biased.. i see that the small honey bourbon chicken which I always get is quite reasonable with calories/fat..albeit I understand your frustration with quiznos after hiding their info for so long, they should get some grief in return :)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for tabulating that info! I pinpoint the downfall of my last diet to the day that I became addicted to Quizno's Chicken Flatbread Salad with Honey Mustard dressing. I couldn't find any nutrition info on the stuff at the time, but the label said "Honey" and "Mustard", plus it was a "Salad" with "Chicken". How bad could it be? Turns out I would have been better off wolfing down 2 Big Macs instead of "being good".

It's all well and good to point out the abominations on the menu, but I think it's more constructive to figure out what's decent, at least in a relative sense.

By my calculations, the best overall thing to eat on that list from a nutritional standpoint is the Chili, followed by the Broccoli Cheese soup.

In terms of sandwiches, the best overall are:

1) Turkey Ranch and Swiss (lite dressing or no dressing)

2) The Traditional (lite dressing or no dressing)

3) Honey Boubon Chicken (with or without sauce)

4) Turkey Bacon Guacamole

5) Classic Club with Bacon

Roast Beef and Cheddar gets an honorable mention for being relatively low in sodium, though a small is still 500 calories and 31 grams of fat, and 675 mg of sodium is still a pile.

This list doesn't include the Sammies, which are pretty decent because they pack a good taste with some decent portion control. The steak and chicken Sammies without cheese or dressing are around 200 calories with 6 to 8 grams of fat and about 500 mg of sodium.

Anonymous said...

Quiznos soups are so nutritious. Totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you guys posting negative comments about Quiznos blah blah are making it obvious that you are either working with Subway . IF you know the meaning of the word "fast food" then you should know that it is NOT healthy in any form. Its all up for the consumers to eat in moderation. I dont care about the nutritional informations, i dont count my calorie
but i know the kinds of food i put in my mouth so for pete sake, stop whining like little kids. SUbway, Quiznos etc etc all offer thesame stuffs. Subways has healthier sandwiches???? Come on , who are you kidding , nothing is healthy if you over eat. KEN, youre such a whiner

Aleta said...

I know that fast food doesn't equal healthy food but REALLY?! This is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Get a life. It is so obvious that you must be paid by or be someone who is working for Subway. There is absolutely no comparison between the two. Quiznos has Chef Inspired recipes and absolutely wonderful taste; plus, their meats and cheeses are all sliced fresh daily. 50% more meat than Subway also. If you want to eat bread that "sticks to your teeth' then go to Subway. If you want a wonderful tasting sub (albeit higher in calories), pay the little extra and go to the "Q." AND--you have not mentioned the absolutely wonderful under 200 calorie Sammies. They are great!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Omg, 2k calories in the tuna sub!!! I feel queasy.. more than i did when i read about the 580 cal a slice for Pizza Hut..

Did you know that it takes a woman a half an hour to burn the same as much calories as it does for a man watching thirty minutes of football sitting?!

Quiznos = MAN SUB.
They have the testosterone to kill off those cals. As for me.. I'll take Subway.

Anonymous said...

I went thru the nutrition table for these menu items, and according to what I'm supposed to eat (newly diagnosed diabetic) there are only 3 items that I could possibly fit into a daily diet: the Cup of Chili, the small Roast Beef and Cheddar sub, and the small Tuna sub. This takes into account total carbs, salt and trans fat. Subway has a much larger variety of sandwiches that could be fit into a relatively sane diet. If you are a person that needs to watch their salt more closely due to high blood pressure, Quizno's should probably be a real infrequent "treat".

Anonymous said...

Which one of Quizno subs. has less salt?

Anonymous said...

I can't really figure out the Subway employee comment. It's pretty clear that anyone that cares to comment or read this probably actually LIKES Quizno's sandwiches.

But it is a lot easier to incorporate unhealthy items into your diet when you know the number of calories. You can have half a sandwich or just go every once in a while. (eg. make informed decisions about your diet.) So yay Quizno's!

Anonymous said...

No, we don't work for subway! Educate yourself about nutrition, for goodness sake! I realize fast food isn't guaranteed to be healthy, but Quiznos was trying to hide this information, and it's well over McDonald's, or anything else considered to be bad for you.

Some subs have over 4000mg of sodium! The tuna melt has 175g of fat! That's obscene. I like Quiznos too, but come on, how do get 175g of fat in anything?

This is shameful.

Anonymous said...

For the people who are angry over this you should really think about your situation. if you are on a diet then you shouldnt be eating fast food period! you have no room to talk if this angers you. if you are on a diet you are suppose to forfit some things. and like someone else said anything that taste that good is always filled with calories and fat. im tired of people complaining about restaurants being bad for you, ALMOST EVERYTHING IS!!!! hints the name fast food.

Anonymous said...

its not shameful, its just damn good food. who cares they tried to hide it, its a corporation thats what they do. . .Hide things. fast food is fast food, the reason quiznos has so many calories is because there quality of product. They arent worried about calories all there meats and cheeses are sliced off a whole body, not like subway. where there food is sliced for them then sent in a package. I would honestly eat more calories for quality. if you dont eat quality food when you go out to eat well then you should of stayed home and made yourself a turkey sandwhich on wonder bread. 
and the reason i know these things is because i use to work for subway and quiznos.

Anonymous said...

even more startling to me is the ingredients in their subs.

their vinaigrette is pure high fructose corn syrup. it's not easy to find the ingredients on their ranch and other dressing, but I'm guessing they have HFCS in them too.

many of their subs and sandwiches contain MSG. their bacon has MSG in it, as apparently does the chicken used in some of the sandwiches (and the chicken caesar salad). and the prime rib sub has MSG in it


Angela said...

Quiznos should start using less Salty ingredients in their subs and soups so people that can't have a lot of salt can enjoy it to..

Anonymous said...

the tuna melt probably has so many calories and so much sodium because of all of the mayo. Any mayo based meat salad is going to be high in both.

Michelle said...

Thank you for providing this! I couldn't find it on their site.

Unknown said...

Only people who need to worry about eating at Quizno's are people with no self-control of their weight and health in general. Eating a high fat sandwich on a random occasion does not equate to detriment of your body. Stay active, generally eat a low calorie diet, and get rest. If you do this, you can actually enjoy the few times you get to eat whatever you damn well please.

Anonymous said...

To (some) anonymous posters: the point of nutritional info is to help people know what they're eating. Easily 75% of my meals are take-out or fast food, so I can't afford to "have it as a treat". You can eat relatively healthy, balanced meals at Wendy's, Arby's, Steak'n'Shake, etc., as long as you know which foods to avoid and you can get creative (like, say, ordering two chicken sandwiches and throwing away the buns.)

Keep the nutritional info coming!

Anonymous said...

dont go to quiznos i work there and its awful in every way possible

omar said...

I used to like quiznos

Unknown said...

I thank the person who put together the quick list, so that you don't have to click on the Quizno's food 1 by 1; however, if you DO click on the foods 1 by 1, it's easy to see how to make your salad healthy, and that's DON'T eat the Bread. I had the Chicken Ceaser and only ate 1/4 of the bread, plus I substituted the FF Vinaigrette that comes on the Black and Blue for the Ceaser, and my #'s came to 410 Cal, 10 Fat, and 30 Protein. Still high if you are on lo-cal lo-fat, but for a tasty fast food salad instead of the a McD's or Wendy's, it's pretty good. That was 5 hours ago and I am still full. If I have steamed Veggies 2nite I'll be great!

Leslie said...

"Anonymous," are you 500 pounds, single, and from Kentucky?

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Anonymous said...

I work at Quiznos and I can say that yes, everything has a lot of calories and a high salt content. Its best to make your own sandwich. Try a small sub with fat-free balsamic vinaigrette, turkey, mozzarella, and lettuce on wheat for a lower calorie food that tastes good and is relatively healthy.

Georgianne Faycurry said...

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Kris @ How many calories said...

I can definitely see why they didn't want this information to be public.

2000 calories in a single serving.. that's like a day's worth of food for an average female.