Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BK's Interesting Burger Documentary

If you've seen the short versions of Burger King's new marketing concept, we've got the full length version for you to watch below.

It's called "Whopper Virgins" and the idea is to let folks from remote parts of the world, who have never heard of McDonald's or Burger King, try a Whopper and a Big Mac.

But it is more than just your average taste test. Directed by Stacy Peralta (skateboarder turned director, he's an original Z-Boy from Dogtown), the documentary takes an interesting look at people from around the world trying a hamburger for the first time.

Picking up a hamburger is second nature to us, so it is interesting to watch people try to pick up a hamburger for the first time!

Here's the full video (it runs over 7 minutes long):

You can also watch it at BK's Whopper Virgins site.

more on the movie:

"I was eager to sign on to this project when I realized the risk Burger King Corp. was taking to uncover the true nature of peoples' love for the Whopper sandwich," said Stacy Peralta, award-winning director and producer of films such as "Dogtown" and "Made in America." "The footage that my crew and I were able to capture takes a revealing look at the naked truth behind the Whopper sandwich's following."

"The people we encountered along the way were wonderful," said Brian Gies, vice president, marketing impact, Burger King Corp. "They were enthusiastic about sampling our product and even more eager to share their culture, including their own food, with the team conducting the tests."

In keeping with BKC's philanthropic philosophy to give back to the communities in which it lives and works, at the conclusion of each taste test, Burger King Corp. worked cooperatively with local authorities to make donations, tailored specifically to benefit each individual community that participated in the 'study' and make a lasting contribution in each region. The company donated educational supplies and children's toys in Thailand and Greenland that will benefit local schools and increase learning opportunities for children. In Romania, the company helped fund a restoration of a 17th century church, which will enhance one of the community's central gathering places.


Kelli said...

The thirty second commercials do not do justice to this full video. I think that the idea is pretty great. And it is amazing to see these unique cultures being exposed to something so inherently American is fascinating.
Around the web, many have questioned the exploitation of the subjects, and I feel that this was done in good taste and did not in anyway intend to offend the testers.
But, as far as accuracy is concerned, I sincerely doubt that people who have never tasted a burger could pick "the best." Like the last guy, who prefers seal meat. You would not expect me to pick the best seal meat, because I have no frame of reference and would probably find it disgusting. For entertainment purposes, I think they did a nice job.
Unfortunately, Whoppers give me indigestion.

Anonymous said...

You world hunger cry baby, politically correct bleeding heart liberals need to find something else to whine about. Stick with the "Save the Whales" or "Live Aid" concerts. The testers should be happy to have free burgers. You people will literally complain about anything. How about we focus on what's wrong here before we go boycotting BK for giving out free burgers to hungry people. I don't see you sending dinner overseas and I'm sure you don't always get the clean plater award. Get a life. I boycott your politically correct, dumbing down and sensitivization of America. People are hungry in the world, people die, people have diseases and children have flies on their faces. Get over it. Boycotting BK doesn't and never will even put a dent in world hunger, you people just want to bitch. Good commercials BK. I wasn't going to eat there tonight and now I am, probably for the rest of the week. How bout that for a boycott.

Unknown said...

I do believe that the comercial is great bk are always trying to help out and I've seen this with my own eyes it's great keep up the hard work in the end it all pays off!! Love the Whopper and now even more.

Unknown said...

I really think that this comercial is great! letting people know the real good taste of the Whopper. Love the Whopper and always will keep up the good work Excellent!!!

Anonymous said...

The burger King whopper is the BEST hamburger out there. No other fast food chain can compete with Burger King i love the whopper and im probubly going to love it my whole life(:
simple delicious.


Anonymous said...

wendy's is better